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Monkey sandwich tax wise, what is that?

Native Dutch are accustomed by the phrase Broodje aap- verhaal, translated as monkey sandwich story. What is that, tax wise?

Monkey sandwich tax wise

Tax is exciting, but sometimes people get over excited and then you could be hearing statements like:

“We simply deduct the Dutch language course as study costs. Always accepted, was never a problem”

“Yes I live and work in the Netherlands, but I am a tax resident of Cyprus, so I pay no tax in the Netherlands”

“I have a Dutch contract executed in the Netherlands via my UK Ltd, so I pay only UK tax”

“I work from home for a US company and pay US tax over my US salary”

“My wife bought a house of which she deducts the mortgage interest,  I bought a house I deduct the mortgage interest of as well, and one of the houses is rented”

Monkey sandwich tax wise, what is that?
Monkey sandwich tax wise, what is that?

The above statements are all not true, false or in conflict with tax rules and regulation. Nevertheless you are being told these monkey sandwich stories. What do you do? You drop us a line over the weekend to have us to confirm this.

Monkey sandwich tax wise story we recognize from a mile, but convincing the person sharing the monkey sandwich story that it is not true is not always this easy. The responses vary from “Thought so” to “What do you know about tax”.

Orange Tax Services – tax is exciting

A monkey sandwich tax wise story we recognize and is indeed best shared to prevent you are going to act likewise. Then you learn that initially such a tax return might be accepted, but it takes two years for the tax office to investigate a case. These tax returns are pushed out to be examined and then you are being told to pay back the tax. Tax you most likely have spent already. We will be happy to assist to have you compliant with the rules and regulations.

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