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EUR 390 incl VAT for an income tax return – expensive or cheap?

We think tax is exciting hence we charge you for most services a fixed fee. A fixed fee implies: this is it. Our fee for a regular income tax return is EUR 390 incl VAT including tax partner. If you have a so called one man company, our fee is EUR 550 ex VAT including tax partner. If the couple has a double one man company, referred to as VOF, our fee is two times EUR 550 ex VAT.

EUR 390 incl VAT for an income tax return and EUR 550 ex VAT for an income tax return?

Why is the one fee including VAT and the other excluding VAT? Simple answer, to private individuals you cannot offer a price excluding VAT. The penalty for doing this is that the client does not need to pay the VAT, but the entrepreneur performing the service does need to pay the VAT to the Dutch tax office. Companies are always charged a fee excluding VAT, hence the difference.

EUR 390 incl VAT for an income tax return – expensive or cheap?
EUR 390 incl VAT for an income tax return – expensive or cheap?

EUR 390 incl VAT for an income tax return, is that expensive?

We are often called by potential clients who ask about the fee and often they immediately give their feedback on how they experience that. “Wow what expensive, the other guy did it for EUR 50,00”. Our response is then why he contacts us if he already found the cheapest tax advisor in the country. “Well, he is no longer doing it”. For us that is a funny reply, as you obviously cannot run a business on such a fee. Most likely it was a hobby tax advisor that did it next to his or her full time job. Then you can have such fees.

EUR 390 incl VAT for an income tax return, is that cheap?               

What is cheap can only be determined by the person who is being asked to pay for the service. We will never state we are cheap, nor are we expensive. We provide a service to clients of which most have an international aspect in their income tax return. This is for the regular domestic tax advisors a field they often do not enter into. The big four companies and the almost big four companies charge maybe tenfold for the same tax return. Is that expensive? Again that depends on the situation.

EUR 390 incl VAT for an income tax return, what do you get?

You get a team of super excited tax advisors eager to assist you. We try to process your tax return within a weeks time. 9 out of 10 have questions about related or non related international issues and we respond to those as well, all included, but of course up to a certain level. Most international questions are basic for us, hence we can easily reply to those.

Then when the assessment is issued a couple of months later, we are glad to check to see if the assessment is in line with the tax return filed. If not correct, we appeal. No extra charge.

Orange Tax Services – Tax is exciting!

We think we offer a service for a fee that meet quality you pay for, of course we do think that. Luckily many of our clients think alike. We are open to meet more new clients that also think tax is exciting, or at least would like to have their tax return done by a team that experienced, at a fixed fee.

Does this post make you want to get in touch? Go for it!


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