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Future proof your business software

Get more out of your existing business software by transforming it into a modular platform.

Improve your existing software with modules

Medium-sized companies often face the dilemma of either accepting software limitations or undergoing  a long and expensive upgrade procedure. Not anymore. transforms your software into a platform and adds what you want as a new module. This can be as simple as a database connection to avoid entering data twice or as impressive as a virtual call centre that lets your employees work from home. You just add a new module to your existing software.

Future proof your business software

Your contact person in Amsterdam

While the software is developed in Russia which offers an excellent quality to price ratio you have your contact right here in Western Europe. Peter Bohren is a Swiss citizen who  understands the challenges of modern business world having started a successful transport business of his own in Moscow. He has long lived in the Netherlands and been a client of Orange Tax almost since the beginning. He can analyse your business processes and technical systems and deal with the software developers for you.

Peter Bohren

Convert your software into a modular platform

Using service oriented architecture principals yours existing software is the basis for a new modular platform. This approach enables you to add the features you want while your employees continue to use the existing system. Your new software has several advantages. It is:

  • Customized: you can add the extra features to your existing system that you need.
  • Flexible: your software is transformed into a platform architecture ready for more users.
  • Cost effective: no need for expensive upgrades, you just add what you want to use.

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