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US Inc doing business in the Netherlands: branch or subsidiary?


US Inc doing business in the Netherlands. That involves a registration in the Netherlands, but which one do you chose?

US Inc doing business in the Netherlands

The moment you would like to employ a staff in the Netherlands, you have not yet a need for a registration as such in the Netherlands. The US company can run a non resident payroll. We will be pleased to assist you.

Starting local activities: branch or subsidiary? What is the difference?

A branch is an identical registration of the US Inc. This identical registration is made with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. The result is an identical registration in the Dutch system: a branch.

A subsidiary is a Dutch BV company (Inc type of company) being incorporated. The shareholder is the US Inc.

The taxation of the result in the Netherlands is identical. The same Value Added Tax rules apply, the same wage tax rules apply. The difference is in the director. The branch does not require a director to be living in the Netherlands to cause a tax presence. The BV company requires the director to be living in the Netherlands.

How to get started?

We recommend you get started with a Branch office registration. Identical name and details, hence from a practical point of view the US website can be used for the Dutch operation. The moment the Dutch adventure is not successful, you simply deregister the branch and go away.

The moment the Dutch adventure is successful you could decide to convert the branch into a BV company. The director position is then required in the Netherlands. You cannot simply appoint an employee as director, as there are director liabilities involved. Please give this a good thought and maybe maintaining a branch is not too bad.

Tax is exciting

We think tax is exciting. Running a payroll for your team we are excited about. Registration a branch or setting up your BV with the help of a Dutch notary is also part of our services. Either way, we will be excited about getting you up and running in the Netherlands.



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