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Doing business in the Netherlands in 2014 – easy start up


We recently learned that big data centers are build and being build in the Netherlands. Microsoft will start building one coming year near the flower grow industry region of the Netherlands. The reason for this is that the flower farmers generate their own electricity, as that is required to heat the flower houses. If there is no electricity, flowers will die and the farmers have no turnover. This power guarantee made Microsoft decide to build in this region. The decision to build in the Netherlands is due to the big internet hub we have and the big internet users the Dutch are.

If the big companies are investing and starting up in the Netherlands, why should you not? If you are from the EU or Northern America the start up is not so complex. If you are from other countries issues as work permit and residence permit need attention. Slightly more work, but still doable.

You can start as a one man company, then you and your company are one, that implies a lot of tax benefits, but you are also held liable privately for business risks.

More accepted is the limited liability structure where either you incorporate a Dutch BV company or you use the limited liability company from your home country and register a branch of this company.

Offices can be easily rent. It is common to have a five year rental agreement, but there are organizations that offer shorter term contracts.

Whether you are a one man company or a limited liability company, you can hire employees. The one man stands for one man holding the capital, but you can have an unlimited number of employees. We do have well developed employment laws and rules, like every European country. If you work with the rules and regulations in the employment contracts, there is no reason not to start up with employees.

The Dutch tax office is there to levy tax, but not to make your life miserable. The tax office would like to be considered a friend, hence the good communication possibilities. However, as much as we like their suggestion, we prefer you make friends elsewhere. This said, as long as you are complying with the rules and regulations we have in the Netherlands, the Dutch tax office is a good business partner to work with.

Please contact us to explore your possibilities for the year 2014.



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