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Professor working in the Netherlands and being taxed in the home country


If you are a professor, teacher, researcher or in an other capacity connected to a university abroad, then you can work in the Netherlands without paying Dutch income tax.

This is made possible in the tax treaties the Netherlands has with a lot of countries in the world and all countries in the European Union. This is possible only if you are already employed with the foreign university before you were seconded to the Netherlands. During a maximum period of two years this rules can apply.

Besides income tax there are social premiums due in the Netherlands. The tax treaty does not provide in social premiums being avoided in the Netherlands. In order to prevent paying Dutch social premiums during this period, you need to obtain a so called A1 document in the home country. This document is presented to the Dutch social institute. If accepted, as a lot of fraudulent A1 statement are being created, no Dutch social premiums are due in the Netherlands.

That stated you might first need to investigate if continuing paying social premiums in the home country is indeed interesting for you. It is possible that the social premium rate in the Netherlands is lower. But maybe in the home country the old age pension is included in the social premiums and the hospital visits, that can be reasons to apply for the A1 statement.



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