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Dutch personal income tax return


When are you obliged to file an personal income tax return?

You are obliged to file your Netherlands tax return when:

  • A tax return has been issued to you by the Dutch tax office
  • You have had two employments during the tax year
  • You had a private company or free lance income during the tax year
  • You claimed a mortgage relief already for the concerning tax year
  • Your world wide assets exceed the threshold
  • You know you need to pay income tax

You are not obliged to file an income tax return when:

  • You are not a tax resident in the Netherlands
  • You only had one employment during the tax year

Our team of highly educated and experienced tax advisors will be glad to assist you. We help you with file your income tax return. In case you only would like to file the Dutch tax return when your tax rebate exceeds our fee, we can calculate the tax refund and only file when you requirements are met.

Private personal income tax return

For private individuals we maintain a EUR 370 incl VAT rate which includes:

  • box 1 source of income and deductible costs;
  • box 2 only applies when you old more than 5% of the shares in one company;
  • box 3 world wide wealth tax;
  • Your tax partner. Your tax partner is:
    • The person you married
    • The person with whom you have registered partnership
    • The person with whom you have children
    • The person with whom you own the house you live in
    • The person mentioned in one of either pension insurance policy
  • updating your present preliminary refund or preliminary assessment when the result of the income tax return makes this a necessity;
  • If the tax office does not accept the tax return we filed on your behalf, we make a complaint.

Addition services are charged separately. For regular filing of the income tax return no additional services are required.

Private entrepreneurs personal income tax return

When you own a company that is registered with the chambers of commerce as one man company (eenmanszaak) you are required to file a profit income tax return. Our fee for filing this business income tax return is EUR 500 ex VAT.

Our fee includes the services of the private personal  income tax return. Added to this tax return is a balance, profit and loss overview and we determine the amount of taxable profit. The business income tax return is an online tax return being filed.

If we already processed your bookkeeping for the Value Added Tax returns, then the EUR 500 ex VAT is the fee. If we have not processed your bookkeeping, we charge additionally EUR 100 per hour for checking the bookkeeping. The minimum amount we spend is EUR 100, the maximum amount depends on how you have maintained your bookkeeping.

Types of income tax returns we process

Both our Amsterdam and Haarlem office processes any type of income tax return that can be filed in the Netherlands:

  • Regular P form for private individuals that have source of employment income, mortgage on the house, world wide assets to be reported
  • Regular C form for non resident tax payers that have a taxable source in the Netherlands, such as real estate that has been rented out
  • Special M form for Dutch tax residents that either arrived from abroad into the Netherlands or departed from the Netherlands during the taxable year
  • Special W form for Dutch tax residents that own a company that makes them obligatory to file a profit income tax return.

Tax advise on income tax

In case you:

  • Have questions about the Dutch tax system
  • Have questions about your tax situation
  • Would like to learn more about setting up your business and doing business in the Holland
  • Have issues with the Dutch tax office for which you would like assistance
  • Have questions about the Dutch tax rates and taxation in the Netherlands
  • Any other tax related question you would like to share with us

Then we suggest you contact Orange Tax Services. We set up a meeting and during that meeting we respond to your information requirements. Should your request for information exceed our field of interest or expertise, we will inform you about this aspect as well. Then we forward you to our partners that are able to assist you. Knowing the limits of your ability prevents the clients relation from becoming ugly.OrangeTax_LogoFacebook2



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