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2015 income tax return


The tax office announced that 8,9 million Dutch tax payers have filed their 2015 income tax return on time on May 1, 2016. This is 400.000 more than the previous year. From mid May 2016 the Dutch tax office will send the 2015 tax assessments to the tax payers. This is done both digitally and via the regular mail. Who filed before April 4 can expect a reply from the tax office before July 1 2016.

2015 income tax return

2015 income tax return

If you were invited to file the 2015 income tax return and you have not done so, you are too late, unless your advisor applied for an extension. About being late we cannot change anything, but we can assist you in filing the 2015 income tax return now. The longer you wait the more ugly it becomes.

Migration in 2015

When you arrived in the Netherlands or departed from the Netherlands in 2015 as fiscal resident, then you might be interested in filing the 2015 migration income tax return. This tax return can result in a refund.

The refund is not so much caused by the tax, but by the social premiums withheld by the employer. We can assist you in filing this income tax return at the same rate as the regular private individual tax return of EUR 370 incl VAT. Most likely you have not yet been invited to file the migration (M) return, maybe you will not be invited. That does not imply we cannot file the 2015 income tax return already for you.

Entrepreneur in 2015

If you registered your company in 2015 with the Dutch Chambers of Commerce and you filed a regular private individual income tax return, then tax return will be rejected by the Dutch tax office. You need to file the 2015 entrepreneurs income tax return. In that tax return you also include the 2015 profit and loss overview and the 2015 balance.

We can assist you with this 2015 entrepreneurs income tax return for EUR 500 ex VAT.

Non resident in 2015

If you have left the Netherlands, still owning a property either empty or rented out, than you are due 1.2% Box 3 wealth tax over the so called WOZ value of that property. The exception to the rule is that you have actually put up for sale this property, then the property is not taxed in Box 3 and the mortgage interest is a deductible part of Box 1. We will be glad to assist you in filing this non resident income tax return for EUR 370 incl VAT.



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