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2011 income tax return – last chance


The 2011 income tax return is the tax return that is the oldest still able to file. Soon this portal closes and no more 2011 income tax return can be filed.

2011 income tax return – migration

If you migrated in 2011 to the Netherlands or from the Netherlands then you can file a so called migration income tax return. This tax return is often issued by the Dutch tax office, but that is not always the case.

If you migrated during the year, so not in January or December, you might be entitled to a tax refund. Please have us check out if you can. When you can, have us file the tax return before the portal closes.

2011 income tax return

2011 income tax return – world wide assets

If you are a Dutch resident tax payer you need to report your world wide assets. These assets are taxed in the Netherlands. Only if you have the so called 30% ruling and you chose to be a deemed non resident tax payer, you do not need to report your world wide assets.

Your world wide assets are taxed in 2011 at a rate of 1.2%, if the EUR 20.785 threshold has been exceeded. The threshold is EUR 41.570 for tax partners.

Not reporting your world wide assets can result in a 300% penalty on the tax to be paid.

2011 income tax return – mortgage cost deduction

It does happen that a person purchases a property for being the main residence and the mortgage interest and or deductible purchase costs are not deducted in the income tax return. If not done so, please hurry up as soon it cannot be reclaimed anymore.

2011 income tax return – non working spouse refund

If you have a taxable income in 2011 and your spouse, often the wife, does not work, then she can have a refund if she was at least six months of 2011 your tax partner. In 2011 that could have been a EUR 1.987 refund.

Orange Tax Services

We will be glad to assist you in the field of filing the 2011 income tax return. Please do not wait any longer as from mid December the holidays will take their attention.



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