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Check your tax assessment


The income tax return was due before May 1 last. The tax residents that filed before April 1 last have received by now or will receive this week before July 1 their income tax assessment.

Check your tax assessment – especially when you filed a so called M form

The M form stands for migration income tax return. The moment you move to or move from the Netherlands, then in that year you are regarded a tax migrant.

The fun in that income tax return is that you can reduce the days of you being socially insured and that can yield a nice income tax refund.

However, we experience that in nearly all M form tax assessments the refund is not in line with the tax return filed. The difference is in the social premiums. In the return a reduced number of days are provided, but the tax office issues an assessment with the maximum amount of social premiums to be paid.

Should you not check your tax return, you might lose out on your right for a refund.

Check your tax assessment

You received a refund – check your tax assessment

The tax office can announce to you that you are entitled to a refund. You can be full of joy and simply spend the money, but please check your tax assessment.

The reason is that your refund might have been higher in the tax return than the tax assessment is showing. Again caused by the social premiums.

The other side of the story is that you are paid a refund, but according to the tax return you should not have received a refund or a lower refund. Maybe you trust the tax office will not find out, but experience learns us that they do find out, 2 years later. Then you are demanded to pay back the difference plus interest. You think of course that there is no interest to be paid as currently banks hardly pay or pay no interest, but the tax office has a different opinion. We can also solve that issue for you.

Check your tax assessments – ex officio assessments

It is possible for any given reason that you have not filed your income tax return or your Value Added Tax return and the tax office will only remind you so many times. The next step is that they issue to you a so called ex officio assessment. That is an assessment with a random high taxable amount including penalty for being too late.

We actually do know tax payers that simply paid these assessments unaware of them being ex officio assessments. The goal of the tax office is to shock you  with the high assessment amount and make you act. The acting is in filing the correct tax return. We will be glad to assist you with this tax filing.

Orange Tax Services

Check your tax assessment is something you could ask us, but we send you a copy of the filed tax return so you are always in control to see if it is matching. Of course we can understand the tax system is unclear to you or you feel more comfortable us checking and we will be happy to. When an appeal needs to be filed, we will on your behalf.



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