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M form


The M form stands for Migration income tax return. If you arrived into the Netherlands in a year or when you departure from the Netherlands in a year, in that year you migrate. Then you need to file a migration income tax return, the so called M form.

The year following the migration you either become a resident tax payer (when you arrived in the migration year) or a non resident tax payer (when you left the Netherlands and you still own property in the Netherlands).

We experience now that a lot of tax payers are able to file the income tax return online with the tax office, but the tax office is not able to process the tax return as it is the wrong tax return. The tax office then sends you the return to your home address. A package with a lot of forms to be completed with a big M on the form.

Dutch tax form M

How to complete the M formHow to fill the m form in the Netherlands is an issue. Some brave tax payers do start to complete the form, but only a few actual finish and nearly none have finished with the feeling they have completed the form correctly. Not being able to complete is not something to be ashamed of, it is inevitable. The M tax form in English or other language does not exist, neither do we have the opinion you will understand the form any better than.

M form – Orange Tax Services

Here we like to come in, we know the M form, we are focused on the non Dutch national and we work with fixed fees. The fixed fee for a regular M form is EUR 370 incl VAT and your tax partner is included in the fee. The less regular M form is the one where the tax payer also has a personal company, for that we charge EUR 550 ex VAT.

If you agree with that fee, contact us at, and we process the return within 5 work days after we obtained the required information.

M form – obligation?

Is it a choice to complete the M form? Not if you applied for the form, then the belastingdienst (tax office) that send the M formulier expects you to send it back completed. However, if you did not apply for the form that does not imply you will not eventually get the form send to you. With the M tax form the tax office is always a bit late, so throughout the year the form can be send to you.

M form – tax refund?

Often the Dutch tax form M form results in a tax refund. The reason is that your employer in the Netherlands cannot inquire about your personal live and the payroll system is identical to that. Hence if you announce you leave the Netherlands, the employer still need to apply the tax rate as if you will continue to work in the Netherlands with another employer. So reducing the rate as too much tax was already withheld the employer cannot do. That you need to claim back from the tax office and exactly that the M form is doing for you.



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