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Tax is exciting BV our new company name, was incorporated earlier this week, a new era for us advocating tax is exciting

We think tax is exciting and to prove we actually believe that, we changed the company name to support our message. That does not imply we ditched Orange Tax Services, as Orange made us where we are. But we updated that name to OrangeTax, this is the trade name of Tax is exciting BV.

What can you expect of Tax is Exciting BV?

Basically the same as we have done over the past 15 years, but more focused on the excitement. The excitement we find in helping you with complying to the Dutch tax system.

Private individuals

For private individuals we are keen to file your Dutch income tax return. Yes, the tax return can be done online. Yes, the tax office does warn you, to know what you agree to. Yes, the small print does state you can get a penalty from the Dutch tax office if you used the tax return the Dutch tax office, and this tax return created by the Dutch tax office is incorrect.

The tax office being incorrect in their own tax return happens often. But you should also be aware if what the tax office has set ready for you, is indeed good for you.

For instance:

Deemed non resident status

If you have the so called 30% ruling, you can opt to choice to be a deemed non resident tax payer in every year’s tax return as long as you have this ruling. With this status you do not need to report your world wide assets. The tax office automatically made the choice for you not to be a deemed non resident tax payer, but a regular tax payer. That implies you need to report your world wide assets. That is not exciting.

World wide assets

Your world wide assets, if you no longer have the 30% ruling or if you accepted the tax return set ready for you by the Dutch tax office, are your world wide assets reported correctly? We doubt that, as how can the tax office know? Have you done it correctly, is your 401K or IRA in the Box 3 taxation? The house you own abroad in the tax return? The tax office, even if they prepared your tax return, have the right to come back to you in international situations for 12 years after you filed the tax return. If you have not provided your correct wealth, the penalty is 300% of the tax you did not report.

If you contact the tax office to ask a question, we recommend you to call them 5 more times and take the answer that was replied to you more than 1 time. If you have 5 different answers, stop calling them.

Corporate clients

Corporate clients are mainly individuals that started their own company (one man company), or would like to set up a limited liability company (BV). Those we can help with the accounts and tax.

Up to know it was possible for most entrepreneurs to do it themselves a lot. But that is changing. Now an E recognizing system is in place and soon there are no more forms to be completed. Instead full the bookkeeping need to uploaded. That is part of the digital age we live in.

We made changes last year and still this year to already be complied with the future of the Dutch tax office. Part of the changes is that the accounting might even become fun for you. That is what we are excited about as well.


Payroll is a large part of our business. We love to assist foreign employer that have an employee working from home, in their Dutch office or on the road. We think we have solutions for many desires foreign employer can have. Our dedicated payroll team is excited to assist these employers.

Core business: short questions

For some reason we are always asked a short question. Often when we listen or read the short question, ten minutes go past. Short in this context should be read as: please do not charge question.

The please do not charge question or short question is what makes us stand out. Nearly all clients have a short question. Some are simple, some are certainly not, some have consequences, some are just a lot of nonsense (broodje aap).

We think we can make the difference with the knowledge and experience in house. If we do not have the knowledge about a certain topic, we will certainly not pretend to have that knowledge, but refer you to a party that can assist you to the best of their ability.



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