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DAFT and IND is about the Dutch American Friendship treaty and the Dutch immigration service. How is this connected?


The Dutch American Friendship treaty or DAFT makes it for US nationals more easy to get a residence permit in the Netherlands. The setup is unique. With other countries such a setup does not exist.

For the correct procedure we refer you to a specialized immigration lawyer. Often the procedure involves the incorporation of a Dutch company. A company is as simple as a one man company. Or sole proprietor company. Or ZZP company. Different names for the same type of transparent company.

Statement by registered tax advisor for DAFT and IND

Part of the procedure to get a residence visa is a statement about the financial status of the new setup company. The statement is about the liquidity of the company. Such a statement can be drawn by a certified auditor or a registered tax advisor.

We at Tax is Exciting are registered tax advisors. Not certified auditors. That implies we are authorized to assist in the procedure for the DAFT application.

Currently, in the year 2021, our fee for the assistance is EUR 100 plus VAT.

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DAFT statement

The EUR 100 plus VAT fee is to tease the DAFT applicant to become a client.. We hope by offering a floorless service that this DAFT application maybe becomes a client for the full company.

A ZZP transparent company requires bookkeeping to be done. On basis of that four quarterly VAT returns are filed. Annaully the entrepreneurs income tax return is processed including a possible tax partner. The annual rate for this total service is EUR 1.350 plus VAT in the year 2021. Feel free to contact us.


We think Tax-is-Exciting. The DAFT treaty is based on an over 400 year relationship that creates possibilities. We will be glad to contribute to a swift application process of the Dutch residence visa under the DAFT.



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