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Rejected annual income tax return


You filed your annual income tax return, as the tax office asked you to. Logged on to the private Digid environment on the website of the Tax Authority. You have carefully checked the information already filled in. Some information you added and it was ready to be send off to the Tax Authority. You have done above. Now you received a reply from the Tax Authority: a rejected annual income tax return. I can hear you thinking, why is this, if I have done what has been requested.

Rejected annual income tax return

The rejected annual income tax return could be caused by filing the incorrect form. If you file an annual income tax return, you can use your private DigiD. While doing this, you are filing a regular private annual income tax return, so the P-form. There is a big chance, that the Tax Authority was expecting a M-form.

The Dutch Tax Authority has different forms to file an annual income tax return. A regular P(rivate)-form, used for people who are living in the Netherlands for a full year. A M(igration)-form, used when a person arrives or leaves the Netherlands during a year. There is also a so called C-form, for non-resident tax payers. The annual income tax return, has to be filed with the form the Tax Authority expects.

Rejected annual income tax return

Deadline income tax return

The deadline of May, 1st, 2021 for the P-form. For the M and C form the deadline of July, 1st, 2021 have passed. The Tax Authority strives to reply to filed annual income tax return within 3 months. Most of you are currently receiving letters from the Tax Authority in regard to the outcome of the 2020 annual income tax return. Often this letter states that the outcome of the filed tax return. But some of you, will receive a letter from the Tax Authority, stating that the Tax Authority has rejected your annual income tax return. The incorrect form was filed.

My name is Kelly and I am happy to assist you with a rejected tax return

Big Dutch booklet tax return

In order to correct this, you have to file your annual income tax return again, but this time, with the correct form. Attached to the rejection received from the Tax Authority, you have received a big 80+ pages booklet, fully in Dutch, which has to be filled manually. To fill in this form, manually, without understanding of the Dutch language (let alone Dutch tax language), this is something that can be described as dreadful.

Especially clients who are not invited to file their annual income tax return, skip the filing of their first year, due to the dreadful 80+ page booklet that has to be filed, meaning that they do not claim their tax refund, which is of course a shame. Most of the time, you are entitled to a refund if you migrate during a year, since your employer withholds the wage tax calculated over a full year, instead of over the period that you were subject to Dutch tax.

Tax is exciting

We think tax is exciting. We are very excited to be able to assist you with filing your M-form. The M form can be filed by us digitally and we can provide you with the information in English. Our fee for filing an annual income tax return (P-form, M-form or C-form) is EUR 390, including VAT, including your (tax) partner.



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