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Self-employed and employees


The self-employed person is often referred to as ZZP entrepreneur. ZZP stands for working on your own without employees. Why no employees we wonder?

Self-employed and employees

You started your own company. You proudly express that you are the ZZP entrepreneur. But what if you expand, grown your business. Maybe employing a person will actually help your grow the business is a good idea. It is not a brilliant idea, as many companies have walked this road before you.

If you start a conversation in the Netherlands about employing an employee, chance is that within seconds very old slogans are stated. Slogans as “I wish my competitor many employees” . It is a negative slogan as if employees only cause you issues.

The question you need to ask yourself is where you would like to be in a five year period.

Employees make your business grow

In the event that the answer to the question where you will be in a five year period is a health running company, probably employees are part of that picture.

We support you taking steps to employee an employee. Maybe baby steps to start with. Baby steps are for instance to hire a part time person to assist you in your company. That will be a huge learning curve for you. Suddenly you need to make the employee actually work for you. That is not as simple as you might have initially thought it was.  Then again, also not rocket science as it is done before by many companies.

Employees are like human beings

Employees are like human beings, none are alike. They all have human issues. This should not stop you from hiring an employee. You probably have similar issues, being the human being yourself.

The task for the entrepreneur who has now become the employer is to find a way in the activities and the person you employed for the job.

Clients demand continuance of the business

Some entrepreneurs prefer to skip the whole employee part of a company and remain the ZZP entrepreneur. No employees and only subcontractors.

The problem in this case is multiple. At the start of the company this is all ok, but once you achieved a good client base, the client base expects a service from you. If you are on holiday, have the flue, or maybe in quarantine due to Covid, the company needs to be able to perform. That is the difference employees make.

Self-employed and employees

Self-employed and employees:

Being an employer is fun

You have started your company, you took baby steps in employing a staff. Now you have a number of employees, a client base who is happy to work with your employees. That is fun. It is exciting to walk into your own office and see your staff working for you. Besides that, you can also celebrate with your staff if the company is doing well or clients are very pleased with the service the team performed.

What is the first step to take?

We think that making a connection with a labour lawyer is helpful. Express you would like to become a client, request some services like an employment agreement and some basics how best to start with the limited period contract and probation period.

The moment you hire an employee, have the contract signed, the wage tax form, copy of the ID etc. You mark your calendar when you need to inform the employee if the contract will be extended or terminated. Step by step you learn if that employee fits with the company, you learn that in an interview a doubt equals a no. You grow as an entrepreneur and you become an employer.

Tax is Exciting

We think tax is exciting. Self-employment and employees, the payroll processing we are excited about to assist you with. We are eager to assist you with the calculations from a gross salary to a net, or a net to a gross salary. Or the employers costs calculation from gross or net. Our team is ready to assist you with either baby steps, puberty steps or grown up steps in the payroll administration.



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