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US tax return requires a Dutch tax return!


US tax return requires a Dutch tax return, that is the sequence of events if you need to file a US income tax return. We can assist.

US tax return requires a Dutch tax return

A US national or US green card holders needs to file a US tax return. Even if you have never lived in the USA, or only had income outside the USA. The price of being a US national is that you need to file a US income tax return. Even if you live on the moon.

Dutch tax resident and US tax return

The moment you are a Dutch tax resident. Or you have become a Dutch tax resident as you arrived in 2021, or left the Netherlands. In order to be able to file a US tax return, you first need to have filed the Dutch income tax return.

The Dutch income tax return is the base of the US income tax return.

US tax return requires a Dutch tax return!

Only Dutch income – US tax to be paid?

In the situation you only have Dutch income, it is possible that you are to pay US income tax. There are tax credits in the US. If you would like to meet the experts in the Netherlands to assist you filing your US income tax return we recommend you to connect to BNC Tax. BNC tax is a Dutch resident company that is specialized in filing US income tax return.

US tax deadline

The US tax deadline. In general the deadline is April 15 for filing the federal income tax return each year. That date is not carved in stone. The deadline moves to the next business day when April 15 falls on a Saturday, a Sunday, or a legal holiday, and other national events can shift it as well.

How can we help you?

We have the capacity to assist you filing your Dutch income tax return before April 15. That said, we can do miracles, but only so much. You cannot arrive with us a few days before April 15 expecting we can make your deadline.

The Dutch situation is right now (February 17) that all overviews you need are available. Your employer provided your income statement. If not, your last salary spec could do the trick. The bank provided their overviews, please log on and check. Insurance companies issued overviews you might need. No reason not to contact us now already.

The regular income tax return is charged at EUR 390 incl VAT including tax partner.

Tax is exciting

We think tax is exciting. Excited we are already to file your income tax return now!



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