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Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT) & money in the bank


The Dutch American Friendship Treaty or DAFT offers US nationals a more simple opportunity to stay in the Netherlands. One of the conditions is that the US national needs to register a business in the Netherlands. The business bank account needs to contain at least EUR 4500 at all times.

Immigration service or IND

The immigration service or IND would like to have the EUR 4500 confirmed by either an Certified accountant (CPA) or a tax advisor member of the Registered Tax advisors. Tax is exciting is member of the Registered tax advisors! Yes we can provide the statement indeed.

We can assist with the confirmation of the EUR 4500, we cannot assist with the business plan and all those things. For that we recommend an immigration lawyer.

This article is about the EUR 4500. Depositing EUR 4500 in a business bank account is easy, you do not need a degree for that. If you show us the business bank account with the amount and a chamber of commerce form, we provide the statement at a competitive fee. We like to work for you.

Dutch American Friendship Treaty (DAFT) and money in the business bank

Money in the bank at all times

The difficult part comes later. In the old days the IND asked once for the statement and never again. We see now that the IND is checking annually if the EUR 4500 has been maintained in the business bank account. You could be asked randomly to provide proof. For instance, in August the IND would like to see a bank statement of the previous period showing the amount. Please keep at all times the money in the bank.

The next thing that changes are the activities. Before you showed the EUR 4500 statement and it was all good. Now when the bank statement actually shows nothing else than the EUR 4500 transaction, the IND inquires about invoices and trade activities. In other words: do business. The IND cannot hold against you that you are a lousy entrepreneur. You were not able to get any client or turnover. All you need to show is that you made an effort to get a self employed income.

Tax is exciting

We think tax is exciting. The DAFT is a wonderful friendly treaty. It offers opportunities beyond what was intended. The beyond part is now addressed by the IND, be prepared!!



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