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Large staff – no office in the Netherlands – payroll support


The world is changing and before you know it, you have a large staff in a number of countries. Even in countries you do not even have an office. Payroll support is required!

Large staff

You are a global company. You provide either an IT service or a product in the gaming industry for instance. The employees no longer come to an office building to work for you. From their home the work is being done. Both the employer and employee are happy with that.

Dutch payroll

Suddenly you notice you have employees in the Netherlands. You tried to process these employees in your UK or US payroll. However, these Dutch employees were keen to pay Dutch tax. As that would generate for them a tax credit with the mortgage. No idea what that is about.

You need help and fortunately we, Tax is Exciting BV, offers exactly that service:

Help with Dutch payroll

You are an employer, but not having a business registration in the Netherlands. Opening a Dutch business bank account turned out to be a nightmare and unsuccessful. The employees would like to receive a Dutch salary specification.

Global payroll services

Payroll support is what we offer. We can support you either globally or stand alone in the Netherlands. Registration of the employer in the Netherlands is part of our services. We can process the Dutch payroll where the employee receives a net salary and the tax plus social premiums are settled as well. Even a payment facility is offered where we make the payments for the employer. The employer only has to pay one lump sum to us.

Such a service we can provide for one employee you might have in the Netherlands. Or maybe you have 10 employees, even 500+ employees is a services we provide happily.

Dutch labour law

Having employed an employee in the Netherlands, implies Dutch labour law is in place. This might make you as employer less excited. This aspect or your concerns we think we also have covered. We work together with one of the best labour lawyers. We are keen to introduce you, we recommend to have the lawyers spend some time on you, so you are better informed about Dutch payroll then you are now.

Tax is Exciting

We think tax is exciting. Part of the tax system is the wage tax. We will be pleased to assist you with your payroll need. Our fees are fixed and transparently shown on the website. The team is ready to assist you.



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