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Dutch tax penalties for Dutch dormant company while living abroad


Dutch tax penalties for Dutch dormant company you keep on receiving. The amounts increase rapidly and you do not know where to start or what to do. We might be able to assist.

Dutch tax penalties for Dutch dormant company

The instant problem might be the fact that we do not know the concept of a dormant company. Other European countries might know this concept, the Dutch do not.

This implies that when you own a Dutch BV company, but the company is inactive, some tax obligations and some publication obligations still need to be obeyed.

The Dutch tax office has become very effective with working with human beings. Penalties does do the trick to enforce obligations. Some dormant companies are not scared about a EUR 68 penalty. The Dutch tax office simply keeps on increasing the amount. Only a few dormant company owners are not scared of a EUR 7500 penalty. That said, the EUR 7500 is not the end of the line, the tax office does continue.

Breaking point

Then there is the breaking point of the Dutch tax penalty for Dutch dormant company. The shareholder living abroad starts to get worried and understands something needs to be done.

Some penalties can be made undone for the majority of it. That is in case of a Value Added Tax assessment randomly issued to you. Wage tax assessments are less easy to solve, still solvable.

The problem is with the corporate income tax penalties.

Corporate income tax penalties

These penalties are set at roughly EUR 5.400 per year you have not filed the corporate income tax return in time. The first year you are too late you receive a 50% discount on the penalty. This penalty cannot be challenged with the argument the company is dormant.

Next to the huge corporate income tax penalty is an ex officio corporate tax assessment to be paid. Under the circumstances of simply no activity and being late, this assessment is probably to be reduced to zero.

Tax is exciting

We think tax is exciting. We are excited to help you solve the ugly messages you receive from the Dutch tax office. Depending on what it concerns, we can act on them and maybe even solve them.

The next step is to avoid more new ugly messages arriving at your address. That is done by either complying with the tax filing requirements, or dissolving the Dutch dormant company. We can assist with either way. Please connect with us for some good Dutch tax advice.



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