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File 2022 income tax return with us!


File 2022 income tax return with us! I could have been more modest on the title, but modesty does not always get the message across.

File 2022 income tax return with us! – Who are we?

We are Tax is Exciting BV and we truly think tax is exciting. File 2022 income tax return with us! The team that is ready to process your income tax return consists of about 10 colleagues and is managed by Kelly.

The experience in the team is multiple and varies from a simply Dutch tax return so you can file your US income tax return in time.  Or the income tax return in which you claim your mortgage deduction, you report your foreign income, your Box 3 aspects, claim double taxation relief.

Any regular tax return is charged at EUR 410 incl VAT and from July 1 2023 the price is EUR 430 incl VAT instead. A regular income tax return is an M (migration) tax return, P (personal) income tax return or C (nonresident income tax return).

Your tax partner is included in the fee. Who is your tax partner? That is the person with whom you are registered at the same address and you are married, registered partners via notary, not married but you both own the house you both are living in, or you are not married but have children together.

You find Kelly on the left, Sharon in the middle and Naomi on the right

What more do we have on offer? – entrepreneur income tax return

The entrepreneur income tax return is a tax return managed by the team of Omar. If you have a Dutch registered one man company, or freelance company or ZZP company, then you are to file a profit income tax return.

Most of our clients for whom we process the Value Added Tax return we file the entrepreneurs income tax return for already. Maybe you filed your own Value Added Tax return, or you are exempted from VAT. When you have kept the  bookkeeping yourself, we can assist you with the entrepreneurs income tax return.

What do we think is bookkeeping? Bookkeeping is not an excel sheet, as that sheet is not informing you how much are your debtors, creditors.The excel does not proof the bank balance connects with the starting bank balance. We prefer you use bookkeeping software. You are responsible for having processed correctly, that said, if we see obvious mistakes, we will help you correct those.

Our fee to file the W form (entrepreneurs income tax return) is EUR 590 excluding VAT. That implies 21% VAT will come on top of that amount. The amount is including your tax partner, and who is your tax partner we addressed above.

You find Omar in the middle

Deadlines for the tax returns

The deadline for the tax returns is as follows. The regular deadline is May 1. All income tax returns are supposed to be filed before May 1. However, if you are entitled to a refund and you would like to have that refund paid to you before July 1, then your deadline to file is April 1.

If no income tax return has been issued to you, you have no deadline. That said, if no Dutch income tax return has  been issued to you, but it is obvious to you that you need to pay tax, you are supposed to file a Dutch income tax return not later than 14 days after May 1.

When is it obvious you need to pay tax?

If you have self-employed income, you are to file and maybe even pay income tax.

The moment you and your partner own more than EUR 118.000 (2022) in worldwide assets, you will probably pay Box 3 taxation.

When you had multiple income sources at the same time, for instance you finished a job that paid the holiday pay and you already started the next job, you have two sources of income. Probably the employers applied too much tax credits, that you are to pay back.

Alimony receipts are taxed.

Taking money up from your 401K or IRA is taxed.

Foreign pension payments are taxed in the Netherlands.

There are many reasons why it is possible you are to pay Dutch income tax. It is better to be proactive and in control. Better than being summoned two years after the deadline and you have no more information to counter the ex officio assessment send by the Dutch tax office.

Why should you use us?

A tax service is about your private financial affairs and then it is good to feel comfortable with an organization. That could be us, or any other company. To make you feel unafraid to ask questions, we have fixed our fee for the income tax return. No hidden costs, no extra charge for questions.

Questions you have, we answer for free. Indeed free. Of course if you start to quote many questions to the extreme that are actually not relevant or related to the service we provide, we will ask you to be gentile on us.

Everything we do, we do in the English language. You might have notices there does not exist a Dutch website. The international is our client. With the international being our client, we are aware about the tax treaties that exist between countries. We work on a daily basis with the tax treaties.

Moreover, our company is a registered tax company. That implies the company is registered as such with the Register Belastingadviseurs (RB). The RB demands a base level of expertise that is available. If you check with the website if we are actually registered, you will not find us, as most RB clients are Dutch, we do not advertise ourselves on Dutch orientated websites. But we are a member of the RB.

Finally, we truly think tax is exciting!

Tax is exciting

We think tax is exciting. Ready we are to assist you instantly on the tax return service requirement you need, at a fixed fee. Please connect to us at File 2022 income tax return with us!

File 2022 income tax return with us!



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