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The income tax return – The income tax return – Oh the income tax return


The income tax return – it is that time of the year again. The calendar year has finished and your Dutch tax filing obligation has started. Can we assist?

The income tax return

The income tax return if for us a joy to assist you with. I doubt our joy is receptive with you, regardless, it needs to be done.

We are so excited to assist you, that we fixed our fee at EUR 410 including Value Added Tax and including your tax partner. Your tax partner is the person with whom you are:

  • Married, or
  • Registered partner, or
  • Own the house together you are both living in, or
  • Your partner is mentioned in your pension insurance, or
  • Your child or your partners child who is registered at your address, makes you tax partners as well

and you areregistered with city hall at the same address.

File 2022 income tax return with us!

Why file the income tax return?

You are either invited by the Dutch tax office to file the tax return. The invite sounds like you can decline the invite, but you cannot. A metaphor used to make it sound an act of kindness from the tax office.

You are not invited by the Dutch tax office, but you know or you should have known that you need to pay tax. You know that you need to pay tax when your world wide assets exceed the tax free amount of EUR 57.000. Or you should have known when you live abroad but own a property in the Netherlands for instance.

What if I do not file?

If you do not file, you receive a reminder to file. If you fail that reminder you receive a so called 10 work day notice. When that is failed as well, you are in for the EUR 385 penalty for not filing the tax return in time.

Your initial though might be that the penalty is cheaper than our fee. Actually you need to see it more as an accumulation. The moment you do not file, but you have for instance been paid a monthly refund for the mortgage, this refund is charged back from you.

Or you have not filed, but you did use the child care credit, the child care credit is claimed back from you. In other words, the Dutch tax office has its experience with working with human beings. Anything they have at their disposal will be used to get you to file the income tax return.

But I no longer have a Dutch address!

The moment you left the Netherlands you updated city hall about your departure. At that moment you are also asked about your new address details. If you did not have any, or you moved on, you need to update the tax office. As long as your contact details are: gone no idea where (vertrokken onbekend waarheen), no tax return is being processed. And in this case you are eager to process, because often the migration results in a tax refund.

I closed my Dutch bank account

Not to be worried, you can provide the Dutch tax office with your new foreign bank details.

I now ran out of excuses not to file

That is the moment to contact our income tax team ran by Kelly. Please connect and we are eager to assist you.

Tax is exciting

We think tax is exciting. We hope to get you excited about filing your taxes as well!



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