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KLM pilots evading Dutch income tax

The headline is that the Dutch Government has no issue with KLM pilots evading Dutch income tax for KLM to qualify for the Covid 19 aid. Are these pilots tax evaders?

KLM pilots evading Dutch income tax

Pilots and crew on board of vessels and airplanes are specially addressed in the tax treaties the Dutch Government has with nations around the world. In some tax treaties it states that the pilot is taxed in the country where the airline company has its central point of command. In other tax treaties it states that the pilot is taxed in the country where the pilot is living.

You are a pilot and your airline company is good established around the world. And you have the opportunity to live on Malta, in Spain or where you like. You simply hop on a plain to work. You do your joband you return to a country where tax rates can be more pleasant. Is that evading tax or using the opportunities the Dutch Government offers.

KLM pilots evading Dutch income tax
KLM Pilots evading Dutch income tax

KLM pilots using opportunities offered by the Dutch Government

We do not think KLM pilots are evading Dutch income tax. We think KLM pilots have taken good notice of the Dutch tax treaties and executed them as stated in the agreement. Evading has a negative tone, but tax treaties have no negative tone.

If your employer offers you the possibility to live where you desire. This desire does not conflict with the work to be done. The outcome could be that employees chose for a fiscal more friendly country.

KLM pilots – social premiums

KLM pilots and Dutch income tax options, is arranged in the tax treaties we have. A tax treaty is not a social premium treaty. For social premiums the main rule remains in place. The KLM pilot is obligatory insured for social insurance in the country where the employer is situated. Hence Dutch social premiums is still paid. If KLM pilots have been for some reason dismissed. The the unemployment benefit is for them, they have always contributed to this system. No ‘evading’ in case of social premiums.

Tax is exciting – how can we assist this evading?

We are very enthusiastic about taxation. Helping you paying less tax within rules and regulations is something we are keen to do. KLM pilots need a procedure to follow. This procedure makes it possible to disconnect the tax part from the social premium part. We at Tax is Exciting BV is happy to assist. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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