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2014 mortgage refund update


If you purchased a house in 2013 and you applied for the 2013 preliminary refund including the deductible purchase costs, then you need to process an update for 2014. Have you done this already?

If you purchased a house in 2013 you paid for the notary, financial assistance obtaining the mortgage, valuator and the mortgage interest. These costs you can already claim and have paid to yourself in 2013. The tax office will automatically convert the 2013 preliminary refund request to the 2014 refund.

The conversion done by the tax office will result in a problem when you file your 2014 income tax return. Because in 2014 you have not paid for the notary, financial assistance etc, but it has been taken into account. On the other hand, the interest for the mortgage has not been taken into account for the full year.

That implies you need to update the 2014 preliminary refund yourself, or ask our assistance, deleting the purchase costs and adding the full annual interest amount. Moreover, the WOZ value of the house, the value the county determines your house is worth, changes from year to year, which can influence the refund as well.

Once the 2014 preliminary refund has been set correctly, you can have it converted into the following years without a problem. Nevertheless you need to carefully compare the outcome of the income tax return filed with the refund of the preliminary refund. If you have to pay back income tax to the tax office ever year, your preliminary refund needs to be updated. We can assist.



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