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HELP – we have an employee in the Netherlands!


We have an employee in the Netherlands! This could cause distress with foreign employers. The only stories told to them, were spiced up with horror. Is it that bad employing an employee in the Netherlands? We do not think so.

We have an employee in the Netherlands

For some foreign employers that is a reason to have an instant meeting. Some other employers even decide to discontinue with the employee. Is this cold water fear? Maybe a Dutch expression, but we think it is.

What could be the issue with a Dutch employee?

The Dutch employee is protected by the Dutch labour law. Like the French employee is protected by French labour law and we assume the rest of Europe has similar legislation. In a country as the Netherlands with it dense population, rules are inevitable.

The Dutch labour law has been installed to protect the weak employee against the strong employer. Clearly that was some time ago, but still active. The challenges of a Dutch employee can start when there is a conflict and or when the employee becomes ill.

If there is a conflict, the issues that can arise are a direct result of the standpoint of the employer. In other words, a conflict does not need to occur.

In the even the employee gets ill, an employer can insure itself against this possibility. This is nearly always done, hence also an ill employee is not an issue for the employer.

Is the Dutch employee, the human being, a challenge?

That depends in which country the employer is coming from. In the Netherlands the employee is very much aware of his or her obligations, tasks and possibilities. The chance could exist that if an employer provides an instruction to do the work differently, the Dutch employee might disagree.

The disagreement is not necessarily against the control of the employer, probably more in line with what is best for the company, work to be done or the client. An disagreeing Dutch employee is not a rebel, but the starting point of progress.

Despite the most popular phrase on internet is that Dutch employees do not want to have a 9 to 5 job. Most Dutch employees hunger for a 9 to 5 job with maybe the Wednesday as papa day (the rest of the week is mama day), 5 weeks holiday and commute costs reimbursed.

Certainly the Dutch tax office and other institutes are a crime to work with?

Certainly not. The Dutch payroll system is totally digitalized. The obligations of the employer are set every start of the calendar year. If one is missed, the digitalized system also automatically issues a penalty. As long as all is done towards the Dutch tax office, pension organizations, social institute what is expected, it is a walk in the park.

If you prefer to walk in the park yourself instead of stressing about the Dutch payroll obligations, contact us!

Tax is Exciting

We think tax is exciting and we are excited to process your payroll. Our payroll team has extensive experience in working with international employers. We have a strict turn around timing, answer free of charge the payroll questions you have, work with fixed fees. We have a network of labour lawyers, insurance companies with services for employers which we happily share with our clients.

The moment you find it complex to meet the payment dates towards the employee or the tax office. Or you can make the payments in time, but the international transfer mutilates the payment instruction number to the Dutch tax office. For that we have the money transfer service. We take over your payments, for a fixed fee.

Your employee receives a salary specification, the annual overview, the holiday pay, the agreed upon pension insurance.

The day that you no longer need the Dutch support on payroll we terminate your registration with the Dutch tax office and instantly your obligations have ceased in the Netherlands.

Our payroll team is ready to start to work for you!

we have an employee in the Netherlands



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